Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

Hello there! My blog is a day late in posting, but I didn't want Ashley to see her Birthday card before receiving it. Sooo, Ashley, I called your cell and left a singing "Happy Birthday to You" message and am now featuring you on my blog! To my Goddaughter,'s hoping your birthday was the best ever!!! I love ya lots! I sure hope you are staying warm in that New Yawk weather. I also hope you had an extra piece of birthday cake in my honor. Below is a picture of Ashley rubberstamping in my stamp room and also posted is a picture of the birthday card I made her. The stamp image is from Eat Cake Graphics and the saying inside is from Victorine Originals.

Here is Ashley's Birthday card:

The inside saying is:
It's your birthday,
I made you a cake!
Couldn't resist,
A bite I did take.
It was uneven,
Alittle more I ate,
And now you have
A birthday plate!

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