Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zzzzzz....fell asleep....but I'm back

Hello Blogging Friends!
I have nothing to report, but just wanted to say hello. It seems I have fallen asleep since my last post. Haven't been in any great creative mood, so my artwork has been slacking. Below are 2 cards I did awhile back, just wanted to share some of my art with you...nothing current tho'. Thanks for looking!
A black and white...Cocktail themed card
This one was made using the cuttlebug folders and a rainbow inkpad. Gotta love a sparkley cupcake!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009



Well, I was perusing my FACEBOOK site and came across a really cool quiz. I couldn't find the hyperlink to share it with you but if I do, I will definitely post it. IT was Your Life Quote Quiz. I did the quiz and this is what it came up with for me:

"I've never tried to fit in, I was born to stand out."

Unique: Well , what can I say about you . YOU STAND OUT . Always have and always will . Whether you like it or not , people see you as a crazy , friendly , freaky , cool , funny , outstanding person ! Everyone should like you for just being yourself , random is the way you like to live it.

I have to agree with the results above as this is what I have heard from all of my friends over the years!!! LOL...Well when the shoe fits, ya gotta wear it!