Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christmas in May for Cousins in New Yawk!

Yesterday I made my way to UPS to ship off a package of goodies to my Goddaughter and cousins. It was fun buying things as I would see them and filling up a box. With everyday that passed the box became filled with trinkets and dodads. Both my Goddaughter and her mom collect Roosters. It is amazing how these feathered creatures seem to be in the most unexpected places. In growing up with an Italian Grandmother who was superstitious, my cousins and I laugh about it and yet walk the other way if a black cat looks like it will cross our paths or avoid walking under an opened ladder. Although the outcome of most of my grandmother's superstitions were negative the only positive one that I can remember was that Roosters bring Good Luck...hmmm, maybe I should start to collect can never have enough good luck. Well, Ashley enjoy your gifts...I enjoyed buying them for you. This is a picture of the scrapbook album that I made for my baby cousin which is Ashley's nephew. It was done using several different Disney movies as the theme for each double page spread. The only problem was that I didn't have any photos to put into the book, so it will have to be something Ryan's mom, Desiree' will have to do for him. So Merry Christmas in May! LOL.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Music-The International Language

Please check this is you hope that we can accomplish global peace!!

Another swap card to share

Hello Blogger buddies,

This is an Artist's Choice swap for one of my groups. The technique is from Technique Junkies

It is called Gesso Resist. Lots of fun!