Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have you met Aimee???

Aimee is my sweet friend who keeps me company and helps me drive. I mentioned her in early posts but am just now getting around to posting her picture. Isn't she a cutie? Her real mom is Madame Samm who allowed me to adopt her. Aimee wore her Hydrangea dress to match my new car color~Burgundy...Yes she likes riding shotgun as she gives me directions and reprimands me to slow down when I "sometimes" exceed the speed limit! Geesh! somedays she can be a real stick in the mud!!! But I love her anyway.

The other half of the Anonymous Swap

Hi All,
I had forgotten to post the work of the other members who chose a more collagey stamp image to play with. The anonymous swap featured 2 different stamped images that the players received. The reason for it being called an anonymous swap is that not only did they not know what image they were receiving, they also did not know who their swap partner was. The ladies were all sent the 2 images, one cutesy image from Eat Cake Graphics-The tourists and the other was a collagey stamp from Just for Fun.

Posted are the pics of the cards from the members who chose the School Girl Stamp. All members were to make a card using one of the images, mail them to me the swap hostess and then I would send each card to a different member. We all had a great time participating. As hostess I was tempted to keep all of the cards as they were ALL AWESOME...but I didn't want to have to change my name, wear a wig and apply for Witness protection. LOL~Marianne
The card above was done by Princess Judy P and the ones below are creations by Naomi S and Krisha O, then Jane P and FaithAnn D and Candy F. Aren't they all maaaavelous!!! Thanks to all Swap Participants on Snobby Stuck Up Stampers Yahoo Group!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eat Cake Graphics images

Hello Again,
Now that the Snobby Stuck Up Stampers Swap is complete I can now post some of the cards that used Eat Cake Graphics Image. From Top to bottom: SandyC, NancyC, JeanR and JackieH..Thank you ladies for your different point of view for this image! You can find all of their images at: www.EatCakeGraphics.com

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anonymous Swap Card

Hello All
Wow, the last post was in March??? Geez, I didn't realize that. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

Posted is a scan of my card that I made using the Eat Cake Graphics image for the Anonymous Swap. It was great. The cards have been swapped out and mailed to the participants. It was fun to stamp out the images, mail them to the participants and then receive their card back using one of the images. Once they were all received I then swapped them out and mailed them to their partners. It is great because no one knows whose card they will be receiving.