Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Someday I'll get to Italy

Daydreaming about Italy. Born into an Italian family where only the adults spoke Italian. They didn't teach any of the children, this way they can talk in front of us and we would never know what they were saying. The sad thing is that when they passed away, the language went with them. How sad that none of my cousins or myself are bilingual. How great it would've been to someday go to Italy and to be able to converse with my Italian paisans. Ciao


Anonymous said...

It IS so dissapointing that we didn't learn the language!

Marina said...

I can teach you to speak Italian ;-)
I love this card! And you used my stamp so it's just perfect!!

I agree it's s home to lose your parents language but you don't go very far speaking Italian.... so you don't lose much.