Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cawfee, my favorite libation

After perusing my art work files on my computer, I came across this card that I did awhile back. I always try to make cards using themes that I enjoy. Then, I make the card and don't want to give it away. LOL. But that is not why I got into stamping. I like to send cards to people that can appreciate receiving a hand made card. Coffee being one of my favorite libations is always a fun theme to do. Of course, one cannot own just one style of coffee bean stamps or one coffee boring life would be! (smile, grin, wink)

1 comment:

Cardunow said...

Marianne...I just purchased a stamp that says " With Enough
Caffeine I could rule the world"
your card made me think of that..

Love your Blog ...great cards gal..Hugs Deloris