Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing with my Copic Markers

Okay, you got some esplainin' to do!!! What is the big hype??? Why did I just have to own these very expensive markers? So they are alcohol based markers, but what is the BIG ta-dew about them?

Years ago I owned the Studio 2 Markers, but these really aren't the same!

What's a stamper to do?

Run,go and buy these newest stamping trend of a marker??

I bought the supposed "Copic Paper" to use them on...DUH! they bleed.

I had some friends play with them to see what this hype is all about. We tried them on the recommended cardstock, we tried them on different brands of cardstock that we all had between us and no matter what; they bleed thru. Oh, but wait...everyone and I mean everyone...has written on their websites, written on their blogs and even told me in person (ok, over the phone) that Glossy cardstock is NOT the way to go. Sooo, call me pigheaded...I will be trying the Glossy cardstock next. The picture in this posting was done using Copic markers and coated cardstock...yes, it bled thru that is why it is layered onto the blue cardstock.

Oh and just as an added note: the markers are called Copics with a long "o" sound, if written phonetically it would sound something like this: Cope-icks!! Need I say more? Some Copic peeps get offended when not pronounced correctly.

Altho' I love to spend time coloring my images and many a friend have always referred to me as the Marker Queen... the jury is still out on these babies. But I shall prevail...until I Master these Markers...I will not give any further opinions about them. This may become a very expensive experiment, but since I own about 28 of these babies, I will not be purchasing anymore of them UNTIL I do master them.

Geesh! I give up!-Well, not really...I will give it my all...I will not be defeated by an alcohol based marker! LOL

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