Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New work of art....

Okay, I couldn't wait for my swap partner to receive this card. This was for the Card Undone Swap. Participants were partnered and had to send their partner all the ingredients needed to make a card. Once received that partner had to make a card and send it back to the originator of the undone ingredients packet.
My friend, Jane Peters sent me this stamped image of vegetable dresses, the background paper and other layers of CS...and embellishments...aren't the little itsy bitsy paperclips adorable??? Well this is what I came up with and several of my stamping friends who shall remain nameless know how difficult this was for me. It did get me to play with my Cope-ick markers. If you click on the picture when you see it larger you will notice some areas that bled beyond the stamped lines of the image...of course I tried to hide it by drawing a halo around some parts of the image...Hope you like your card Jane....you should be receiving it in the mail shortly!!! I am currently waiting to receive my card back from Rita....I think I freaked her out with the ingredients I sent to her.

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