Saturday, January 9, 2010

OMG!!! What the heck???

My computer has a mind of it's own....I was able to post, but why bother when I couldn't post any pictures!  What is a blog without pictures?? B O R I N G!!!  My settings were all messed up...gotta be those little computer gremlins messing around. ANYWAY! I am much to tell...where do I begin???

Christmas was great! Got lots of AWESOME gifts! Al and I spent our Christmas week in Delray Beach~ what a treat! We hit all the different restaurants from Boca, Lantana, Boynton and West Palm...Yummy! Christmas around the world...a different cuisine each day!
Christmas morning breakfast on the beach at the Dune Deck Restaurant. Nice way to start the day...with Mimosas!!! There was even a Florida Sand rendition of a Snowman...see photo attached!

Well, I hope a fun time was had by all during this Holiday season. Wishing you the best of this New Year! Who'da thunk it...2010!

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