Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Awesome Can a Fellow Crafter Be???

Woohoo! I surf the net and can't even tell you how I get where I go, but I found the most awesome person ever! Madame Samm....she is the coolest! We just spent a little over an hour speaking on the phone for the first time and I felt like we knew each other for a lifetime! What an wonderful person, so sweet and intriguing to speak with. She has a ton of experience in all different fields. Crafting, Creating and CAWFEE are just a few things we have in common. What a delight she was to speak with. She has such a charming personality and did I tell you how talented she is?
Well, she helped me with my blog and I am honored to have her blog posted on my list...please go check it out! She makes the most adorable dolls ever! You just have to check her babies out. I am so excited to be adopting one of her Aimee babies. I will post more info on the day that Aimee arrives. Aimee will have her own special place in my new craft room.

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