Friday, December 5, 2008

Quiet on the homefront??

Hello! It is that busy time of the year...the holidays! Where does the time go? Are we really in December, already? I remember ringing in the New Year...2008! And now we have 2009 right around the corner.
I am up to my ears in alligators. Don't get nervous, it is just an expression,but I guess one who lives in South Florida should not say that too loudly. (smile,grin,wink)
I have once again over committed myself. Too many promises made, not enough time to follow thru. But I shall prevail, I must.
Well, hopefully I will at least get my Christmas cards made this weekend. Several stamping friends and I are getting together to stamp the day away. I will be sure to bring my camera to post some pics for you to see.
Besides my Christmas cards, I have orders to fill for handmade Christmas gifts...gotta get them done and quickly. An elf's life is not for me! I really don't know how they get things done in the North Pole. But what I do know is that I would not make a good elf. Now if Snow White was looking for an 8th dwarf, since Dopey and Sleepy's names have been taken, I would be Procrastinator, the 8th dwarf!! I always think I have all the time in the world. NOT!

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