Thursday, March 26, 2009

At the Zoo

It's like visiting no other zoo in whole world. What zoo can you go to that has diamond encrusted cages for their animals? It is the Zoo in my head where only Snobby patrons go. Where the peanuts for the elephants and the bananas for the monkeys are served on silver platters. LOL...Oh, yeah...and where animal poop doesn't smell!! kinda zoo!!!
This card was done for one of my yahoo groups for a swap theme "At The Zoo".


Anonymous said...

This card is too cute... I enjoyed seeing your new creations.. thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Christina

Anonymous said...

You've got to stop hanging around with that bunch of monkees!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This card is darling..I can't wait for you to start swapping our group...please don't make us wait too